Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Unexpected Fate by Harper Sloan

Unexpected Fate

by Harper Sloan

Unexpected Fate is the start of a Spin-Off Series of the Corps Security Series.
This Story turns around the lifes of Dani Reid, Axel and Isabelle´s daughter and Cohen Cage, the ever Cape wearing son of Greg and Melissa Cage.

Dani has been in love with Cohen ever since she can remember but Cohen always fought his feelings for his Dani Girl (anything else would have gotten him total and utter destruction by the little princess´super protective Daddy dearest)
Now they finally grow closer than friendship but Cohens next deployment is imminent....

I loved Corps Security, i liked Unexpected Fate.
The Book was wonderfull but the heavy and long and plenty speeches and declarations...puh..
A bit much for my taste. Dont get me wrong, not all of the Book was like that but there were more than plenty.
This is a friends to lovers story and its beautifully done, romantic,with a good pace, nicely developed main and supporting characters. There were a lot of moments that made me laugh and smile and i especially loved that we got to see the old crew again and their Kids.

And steam....whew.. Lots and lots of it, seems lil Cohen with the Cape grew up! Oh my, he did indeed!
So girls get ready, youll hear some seeeeexy things ;)

This was a 4 Star read for me because i really liked the way the Story unfolds, the Characters interact, people grew up, it made me laugh and its simply a sweet read.

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