Montag, 16. Februar 2015


by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Obligation is the 2nd installment of the Underground Kings Series and is about 
Myla and Kai.

Myla had to leave her parents when she was very young because staying would put her life in danger.
She was given to a wonderful family and had a beautiful childhood until it wasnt beautiful anymore and she ran away never looking back.

Kai´s Family was very close to Mylas Parents and Kai, meeting Myla for the first time when they were still very young decided then and there that she was his to protect.

Which is why, when many years later, Mylas life is in danger again,  hes able to come to her rescue.
For her safety Kai takes Myla as his Wife and what started as pretend soon becomes serious and real, but the danger is still present.


Myla is very sweet but definately no push over, shes strong, no nonsense and holds her own against alpha male Kai.
She is very much immediately attracted to this strong, protective Guy that saves her.


Kai is powerful, smart and does what needs to be done. Hes used doing things his way and will do whatever it takes to keep Myla safe because she is his peace.

Their story has good development, theyre immediately attracted to eachother but there is no instalove.
Though that said it gets super steamy.


They grow together and both make and learn from their mistakes, Kai is so very gentle with her, which is beautiful because its actually not in his nature. And even when he isnt, Myla is not taking any crap.

This is a 4 Star Read for me, their Story is really sweet and loving!

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