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Nero by Sarah Brianne


by Sarah Brianne

Nero and his friends are the Kings of Legacy Prep.

Elle and her friend Chloe are the bullied ones.

Elle works to help pay for her tuition and one night she sees something, she isnt supposed to.

Back at school Nero is suddenly interested in her, trying to spend time, get close and even helping her and Chloe with their bullies, making her feel safe.

She doesnt trust him immediately and far from stupid, she knows hes a Player.
Nero´s had it always easy with the girls but Elle seems to always be running in the other direction.


Nero is absolutely alpha, possesive to the max, secretly sweet and caring and very protective.


Elle is very intelligent, a bit of a smartass, caring, loyal  and also very protective.

There are a few sexy-steamy scenes

But it takes a while to get really serious between the sheets. (Perfect timing, Nero, i gotta say! ;)

In the beginning they both struggle a lot, Elle with what she´s been trough all those years 
and with what shes seen now.
Nero struggles with his commitement to the family and his growing attraction to Elle, shes different and he knows it.

Their story has very good development, the "side" characters are very interesting and intriguing,
they definately make you want to read their own storys.
Elle was the absolute star of this Book, shes more that just a hidden gem but a whole freaking treasure cave.
I loved how strong she was, she was freaked but didnt freak out, shes so smart and absolutely loyal,
they are perfect for eachother.

I actually had my eye on this Book for a while but didnt really want to read it because the story is played out in High School and Ive not been reading anything out of that era for a good long while.
But i freaking loved this Book!! I read this in one setting (meaning waaaay into the middle of the night)
And i need the next one NOW!!!! This Book doesnt need too much logic, its just that good.
Although its not too much out there either, just perfect for this storry.
5 Star read for me!!!

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