Samstag, 12. September 2015

Blood in the Water by Catherine Johnson

Blood in the Water is the first Book of the Kairos Series and it´s Paul and Ashleighs Story.

It starts of with a long view into the protagonists past and lots of backound info and i loved it.
Alternating POV´s telling us so much about Samuel, Paul and Ashleigh and other members as well.
The glimpses of their childhood, incarceration, the way and why they became who they are now, made me that much more invested in everybody and this story.

When Ashleigh and Paul finally meet, they are very much instantly attracted to eachother but neither one of them is ready to give in. -Of course this beeing a romance they dont stand a chance ;)

Their Story is not free and easy, there is heartbreak, there is danger, there is loss but there is love, passion, family, forgiveness and brotherhood too.

Ashleigh is a strong heroine, independent with a mind of her own and Paul is full of dedication, strenght and loyalty.

I´ve read a couple of FCP Authors and their Books by now and i really did love some of them, this one beeing no exception. The Story was great and has me looking forward to the next Book in the Series Bones by the Wood.

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