Donnerstag, 27. August 2015

Unsaid by Avery Aster

Unsaid is the third installment in Avery Asters Manhattanites Series and its about time we meet our favourite crazy socialites again!!

Blake just comes out of a Nightmare of a marriage and Miguel has been secretly pining for his best friend for 10 years.

Enjoying his newfound freedom after years of loneliness, Blakes cooks up a list of his Seven Desires that he wants to experience, he wants something casual because his heart is just too broken.

Mig, still as much in love with Blake as on the Day they met, finally steps up and takes his chances!
But can he make Blake trust in love again?

I couldnt wait to get my Hands on this Book and it was every bit as good as i imagined it to be!

It has the usual OTT-Aster-laugh until you pee your pants-humor but also depth because
Blake, our beautiful sweet sweet lovely dear has been through so much, he had a really hard time
and Mig aka Mr Super-Caliente is on a mission to get his man!

I loved beeing back in Manhattan with these friends and to see how they´re all doing now was a treat,
especially the different POV´s.

This is a Story all who read the Manhattanites and Undergrads will adore, it was a very enjoyable read and i loved it! 


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