Samstag, 25. Juli 2015

Trackers End by Chantal Fernando

~ARC received in exchange for an honest review~

Tracker´s End is the third Book in the Wind Dragons MC Series and its about Lana and Tracker this time.

We met both Tracker and Lana in the last Book, but back then they were warned away from eachother and Tracker was taken. 
Fast forward one year and theyre still hung up on eachother but Tracker cant take it anymore, he wants his Lana and he´ll do anything to get her for himself.

I really liked this Book, Lana was awesome, she started out as this quiet, shy girl but she really came into her own. She´ll always be a gentle person but she has a thougher side as well. 
Tracker was easily likeable, that said he had some serious face-meet-palm moments as men a prone to do.

There was steam, emotion, laughter and we got to meet with all the Wind Dragon Characters again! Also i loved the female interactions between Faye, Anna and Lana.
We get to see where those People are in their lives and its really interesting but best of all: Clover!
Cant wait to see what comes next. :) Hopefully that´ll be Rake and Bailey.


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