Dienstag, 14. Juli 2015

Craving Trix by Nicole Jacquelyn

I was so excited when i found out that this Book is coming out and there will be more!!!!!
So of course i stayed awake half the night reading it.

Trix is Brenna and Dragon´s daughter from the very first Aces Book, Craving Constellation, and now shes all grown, pretty and opinionated ;)

Cam is the Boy who lost it all in Craving Absolution (Aces #3)and came to live with Farrah and Casper.

Cam is a few years older than Trix and though she´s always loved him, she was way too young for him.
After they had a falling out, they haven´t really spoken to eachother in five years and now that theres a threat to the club and their loved ones, Cam takes his chances and goes after what he want! He´s always known Bea´s his.

"I know i should say somethin´ good - somethin´that you can remember later. But, fuck, Bea. Im just so happy right now, can´t think of nothin´to say...."


I absolutely loved Cam, he was the very best thing about this Story and beeing in his head and reading his Point of View, made up for what what Trix´ lacked.
He tried to be patient, he tried to be understanding, he wasnt perfect but he really made an effort...

Trix...nope i didnt like her. At the beginning i did and then she just lost me, you get where shes coming from and i understand but i still dont like her...Happens ;)

I absolutely STRONGLY recommend reading the Aces series before starting with this one, you will gain a better understanding of the story and the Characters.

Craving Trix is a Spinn-Off from the Aces Series and is written in dual POV.

And now were waiting for Craving Molly, Will´s Story!! 

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