Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Keeping What´s His by Jamie Begley

Keeping What´s His is the first installment of Jamie Begley´s new Series The Porter Brothers Trilogy.

Once upon a time Sutton Creech and Tate Porter loved eachother but now there´s only mistrust and bitterness.

The story begins when Sutton returns to Treepoint to settle some things after beeing away for a very long time. She´s been trough hell and doesnt believe there´s more for her out there in the world can Tate get over himself and show her differently?

Oooohhhweeeeee i couldnt wait to read this and it might have been a bit different from what i expected to get my Hands on but this was pure Jamie Begley and i loved it!

It was emotional, it had me want to kick Tates ass on occasion (Greers as well ;), positivley steamy, it had me laughin out loud and cheering for Sutton especially.

This was also a promising start for the next Books in this Series and i for one 
cant wait to hear from the rest of the Porter Brothers!

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