Dienstag, 24. März 2015

Soaring by Kristen Ashley

When i read the blurb i was a little "Hmm i dont really like where this is going..." but then i thought to myself,
"Self, this is Kristen Ashley, you will LOVE where this is going, wherever the eff this is!"
And of course i did, I loved this Book, it has so much in it. Love, forgiveness, fighting for what you love, second chances and as you peel back the layers (and there are a lot) so much more.
Including but not limited to, two awesome protagonists!
And with KA as always, it seems simple but it never is what it seems and its never simple.

The Story revolves around Amelia and Mickey and Amelias Kids and Mickeys Kids.
Amelia used to be married and everything was fine until it wasnt. Her world imploded
and now she is picking up the pieces. And she is one of those pieces as is the relationship she has with her children Auden and Pippa.

 Amelia has a difficult journey ahead of her and i love that she faces the situation, she does everything she can to make amends and more. An then she meets Mickey and the Story goes....well somewhere beautiful as is the Authors way.

This is a wonderful second-chance Lovestory and a five Star read for me!!

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