Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Easy Love by Kristen Proby

I adored this Book as much as i adore the author.
Kristen Proby brought to us a sweet and sensual romance straight out of the Big Easy.

Eli Boudreaux must be one of the most charming, romantic and sensual Book-Men ever.
And Kate is absolutely perfect for him.
Kate is a friend of the Boudreaux Family , specifically the twins Savanna and Declan.
Eli´s one of the siblings heading the family Business, Bayou Enterprises and Kate is currently starting her Job there.
So hes not just the big brother of her best friends, he´s her Boss too.
He´s seducing her because  Eli is interested in Kate from the Moment he lays eyes on her and their Journey together is a beautiful one.
This Story contains a Family with strong ties to eachother, romance, lots of steamy sexy-time, fun and an all-around kristenproby vibe, and most of all it contains
Eli Boudreaux and his "cher"....

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