Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

Shade by Jamie Begley

Ive been impatiently awaiting this Book ever since i heard of its Plot.
But after reading it, i had to take some time and read some other Books,
but not because its bad, oh no its perfect but because the last Epilogue made me so sad.

This Book has been a journey through all the Last Rider´s Books but from Shade´s POV and
it was a bit like a whole new Story.

We knew of Shade´s love for Lily almost from the beginning, how he held back and how
he "wooed" her but this Book really made you feel it, for me its Jamie Begley´s best work 
so far.
It had a lot of words that made me feel and a lot of fun was in its pages too.
Admittedly it took me a bit further than i ever thought, timeline wise on the other side though, it was beautiful to see, the absolute devotion and love Shade had for Lily.

Absolutely loved it.

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