Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Consume Me 

By Ryan Michele 










Consume me is the third installment of the Ravage MC Series, Tug is a Prospect for the MC soon to becomme a full Member and Blaze is a Dancer at the Strip Club the Ravage MC owns.



Tug had his eye on Blaze for a while but she isnt makin it easy on him, denying him and challenging him at the same time.

Blaze had a terrible past she´s been hiding from for a long time, trying not to form any attachments, Tug isnt making it easy on her, determined, confident and sure that he can make her his.


Tug and Blaze were hot together,they were really attracted to eachother, there was no instalove but real development.

I absolutely love the Ravage MC Series because they´re a bit gritty, a lot hot, a touch of heartbreak and the Hero & heroine have to work trough theyre stuff to come out together on the other side... 

A definite  must read for all MC Book Fans and Readers of the Ravage MC Series!!

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