Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2015

Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole

Sweet Ruin by Kresley Cole is the sixteenth installment in the Immortals After Dark Series and with it
the Author managed to beathe fresh air into this Series.

Initially i was a little wary but still very excited for this new Book in one of my favorite Series´, i needn´t have been, its a favorite after all!

The main Characters are pretty interesting and very funny. Kresley just plopped those new People in our laps but i loved them, Jo most of all! She´s beyond feisty and bold and she has a Super-Hero-Complex!!!

Its definately interesting to see Nix (though she´s her mad/hilarious self) from a different view and we do move along in the Plot what with the Accesion. We get to know the mysterious Morior and all in all it was a solid, entertaining, funny, sometimes sweet, alotta times steamy Read that was a good addition to the other Immortals After Dark. 


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